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“Whisky is liquid sunshine.”

-George Bernard Shaw

Kilts… Haggis… Bagpipes… all of these things are globally known as signs of one particular country, and that country is of course Scotland. However, there is one export  that Scotland is known for above all others and that is… whisky!

Scotland is so well known for its whisky that ‘Scotch’ is a universal term for the bewitching elixir, and nowhere else in the world can claim a whisky making heritage as strong as Scotland’s.

With such a history, it seems logical that on your next adventure to Scotland you will want to try some of them. In this blog we thought that we would highlight some of the best distilleries where you can find a glass… or even a bottle of sunshine!

1.       Glenfiddich

One of the most well known names in whisky is based in the Highlands and has been making some of the world’s best whisky for over 100 years.

Hit play below and then book your trip to this magical place here.

2.       Talisker

Not as well known as Glenfiddich, but still a distillery with heritage and prestige to spare. Founded in 1830, this distillery is an absolute must for those that love whisky and beautiful views.

Plan your visit here.

3.       McCallan

James Bond’s favourite whisky… enough said!

Visit them to find out exactly why Bond can’t get enough… and press play below to get you in the mood!

4.           Lagavulin

According to Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation fame, this distillery is the only place in Europe that is worth visiting. While we disagree with this statement, we certainly agree that this is a must see!

Check out exactly what Ron thought of it in the video below and then plan your visit here.

5.           Glen Moray

Home of some of the smoothest and most enjoyable whiskies in the world this distillery is perfect for those that are relatively new to the world of whisky. Park yourself in a comfy seat and sip away at honeyed, amber perfection!

Get all the information you need on them here.

We hope that you have enjoyed our little rundown of some of the best distilleries and that you have added some of them into your next holiday itinerary.

If you are still wondering what the finest way to explore this world of whisky is, look no further! We have motorhomes for hire in Scotland that will be perfect; you can park them up at the nearest campsite, walk down to the distillery, have a good look around and then wobble back to comfort.

To take the first step on this journey, don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.

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