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Scotland is an amazing country with plenty to offer, and the Scottish isles are no exception. Scotland has over 790 islands, many of which remain uninhabited. With plenty to explore and every isle having its own identity, there is plenty to see and do when you venture outside mainland Scotland.

At Rennie Motorhomes, we encourage you to explore all the wonder that Scotland has to offer, so here are some of our favourite Scottish islands.


Famed as the island chosen by George Orwell to write his classic novel 1984, Jura is a breathtaking island with stunning natural beauty. From rugged cliff faces to beautiful ocean views, Jura is truly unique.

With a population of approximately 200 people, Jura is a perfect destination for a peaceful Scottish getaway.


Islay is a beautiful island that plays host to spectacular scenery and a wide variety of whiskies. Home to eight distilleries, which distill the finest and most popular whisky in Scotland, Islay is the perfect destination for those who enjoy a good tipple.

The island is also home to over 20 beaches, and although you’ll have to wrap up warm you can enjoy many views of the sea and long walks along the coast. A popular destination is the famous ‘Big Stretch’ at Laggan Bay, which is home to a six-mile stretch of sandy beach.


For peace, quiet and small town charm, Barra is an island with a small population, but a very big heart. With a mixture of stunning beaches, grasslands and hills, Barra is an area with outstanding natural beauty and has a lot to offer its visitors.

These are just some of the amazing islands here in Scotland. If you’re planning a trip and you’re interested in motorhome hire in Scotland, Rennie Motorhomes offers a wide range of motorhomes to suit your requirements. For more information, contact us today by calling 01224 723 330

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